Were you expecting a description of our services? Sorry. We prefer speaking our services over writing them down. We're pretty social that way. Actually, we're fairly social in a lot of ways - at meetings, in elevators, on the web, everywhere. Being social butterflies is probably what's gotten us into the good books of our friends in the media.

Boasting too much, aren't we? We'll tone it down. This is after all, our official website. We'll maintain a sense of decorum & set aside our mobile phones to focus on this write up. This is a fairly ridiculous document, don't you think? By now, you probably guessed what we're trying to influence you to do here. Basically, click the hyperlinks. This entire paragraph is a Trojan for what the purpose of it really is. We hope it works, really. We even considered a video here instead of this paragraph filled with words that you're just going to skim through anyway. Who reads long copy anymore?

Some folks claim there is very little innovation left in long copy. As if. That was a blatant plug for the word innovation. Did we come off too strong? Shame. Let's search for another way to get our point across. Also, if you've read all the way here without clicking on a single hyperlink, you sir/ma'am, are the equivalent of a window shopper. Maybe we should partner with a company selling windows & hyperlink that as well.